Successful Blog marketing – 10 success tips!

There are already an incredibly large number of blogs on the Internet. To make sure that your blog doesn’t get lost among the many other blogs and can be found on the Internet, blog marketing is recommended.

Even through simple marketing measures, you can increase the awareness of your blog on the Internet.

What is Blog Marketing?

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If you have your own blog or if you are a blogger, blog marketing is the promotion of your blog. This basically means that you want to draw attention to your blog through various marketing measures. Another word that is often used in connection with blog marketing is “blog marketing”.

In order to establish a blog on the Internet, to market it and to generate new blog visitors, blog marketing is very popular in online marketing. In a certain way, blog marketing is to a certain extent part of content marketing. The reason for this is that the content of your blog is also published on other platforms. For example, through guest contributions on other blogs or through sharing in the social media channels.

So blog marketing includes virtually all measures that you can use to expand the reach of your blog and blog articles.

The term blog marketing also appears very often in connection with the monetization of blogs. This is when bloggers try to focus their blog on making money. This happens, for example, by offering advertising space or placing text ads. Here thus also a “marketing” takes place, in which the Blog operator tries to offer its Blog potenziellen customers to recruit.

Why is blog marketing so important for your blog success?
Since publishing articles on your blog (content marketing) is unfortunately not enough to make your blog known on the Internet, you must and should actively work on blog marketing.

Imagine you write super informative articles that even stand out from your competition and offer your readers added value, but nobody knows about it! If nobody knows about your super articles, of course nobody will read them and the work was almost for free. Not a nice feeling or?

To avoid exactly this mistake, you need to use blog marketing to draw attention to your blog and your content. This is especially true for blogs that are just starting out and may have published a handful of articles so far. Especially these blogs cannot get around Blog-Marketing. Because only if people know about your blog, it can be found and become successful.

For Blogs, which already exist for some years, Blog marketing is surely not directly in the foreground. With these blogs one can strongly assume that they already have a certain number of regular readers and reach. However, blog marketing must not be forgotten here either. Of course, one must continue to work on blog marketing in order to be successful in the future and to become even more successful.

How does Blog-Marketing work and how should you proceed?
Before you start with Blog-Marketing, you should prepare a strategy for marketing.

Own content

For your blog marketing to be a success, you need to make sure your blog has the right content. Write high-quality articles and content in your blog that offer your readers added value.

You have to make sure that you satisfy the needs of your readers by providing the right content on your blog. If you are promoting something, you should be able to provide information about it on your blog.

Analysis and planning for marketing

During the analysis and planning phase, you will search for suitable platforms for blog marketing. This could be other websites or blogs. You should make sure that the topics of the “other platforms” fit to your blog. Before you write down potential sites for blog marketing, it is advisable to check important key figures such as ranking, backlinks etc. with the help of a tool. You can use this tool for this purpose.

Permanent Blog-Marketing

If you want to run your blog successfully, it is not enough to do something for blog marketing once. The secret lies in regularly coming up with new ideas and strategies for blog marketing and implementing them. This is the only way to find out which measures work and which ones you can do without in blog marketing.

10 Blog-Marketing tips for your success
In order for your blog not to get lost on the Internet, it must be found. It’s not enough to write good content and hope that your blog will become known.

In the following list you will find some helpful tips that you can use for marketing your blog.

guest article

Guest articles belong to a very simple and above all inexpensive method to make attentive to its Blog. Just ask for guest articles on topic-related websites or blogs and ask if you are allowed to publish a guest article there. With guest articleIn you can win many new readers.

2nd Blog Parade

There are many different portals on the Internet where you can find current blog parades and where you can participate with your blog. The organizer of the Blog Parade specifies a certain topic here, which will be written about within the Blog Parade. After the end of the Blog Parade he usually reports about the participants of the Blog Parade.

blog directories

In blog directories you can post your blog for free. For this purpose, you usually provide a short description of your blog and can link it here accordingly. However, entries should only be made in high-quality blog directories.


Forums offer you a good opportunity to link to your blog or to individual blog articles. You can exchange ideas with other forum members in forums, create your own topics or reply to topics.

social media profiles

Social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Xing etc. are a MUST for you as a blogger! These platforms offer you a good opportunity to effectively conduct your blog marketing. In the social media channels you can already reach a large number of readers with little effort.


With the help of newsletters, you can regularly inform your readers about news on your blog, for example, once a month. In addition to your blog articles, this is another way to get in touch with your readers.

blogger network

Build and maintain contacts with other bloggers. Create your own blogger network, so to speak, which you can use for yourself.


Leave comments in other blogs. Comment on interesting articles that you liked, to get you talking. But please leave only really serious comments ;-).

be unique

Offer something on your blog that is perhaps not so often found on the Internet in this form. The readers must have a reason to click on your blog and come back.

The articles should offer your readers added value and of course be unique!


Raffles always attract attention. How you design your raffle is entirely up to you. The prizes should match your blog topic if possible, so that your readers are attracted to participate in the competition.

If nobody knows about your blog, even super written content or articles are not much use. Blog marketing is an effective way to market your blog.

It is important that you think of a suitable strategy and analyze exactly where you publish which content.

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